About Nebraska City Fine Arts

The mission of Nebraska City Fine Arts (NCFA) is to inspire artistic growth for the well-being and vibrancy of our town. The goal of NCFA is to unite our community through the arts and bring more art opportunities for all ages and skill levels to enjoy.

Nebraska City Fine Arts continues to plan for more arts education, arts events, and arts advocacy in Nebraska City. NCFA seeks ideas from the community in order to meet its needs and be its voice for the arts. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, heritage, or gender.

Nebraska City Fine Arts values all kinds of art and hopes to promote the visual arts, dance, music, theater, writing, and creative expression. The NCFA recognizes that art is all around us and that it enriches our lives and well-being. Art is what makes our culture strong and enables us to connect on many levels. Art challenges the way we look at the world, increases our intellectual and emotional capacities, and possesses a transformative power that can last for generations.

Members of the Nebraska City Fine Arts Committee are Pat Friedli, Melissa Turner, Tina Dia, Katie Radke, and Susanne Williams.